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2000-2002  Konstfack Animation och Animerad Film. Eksjö, Sweden
1966           University of the Americas, Mexico City, Mexico
1961-1965  BFA Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, USA


2005  Culture Grant from Västra Götalandsregionen, Sweden
1999  Artist-in Residence at Ateliers Höherweg, Düsseldorf, Germany
1998  Grant to B.A.M.S from Bohuslänstinget, Sweden
1994  Culture Grant from Tanums Kommun, Sweden
1992-1993  Roswell Museum Artist-in-Residency, Roswell, NM, USA
1984  Massachusetts Artist Foundation Grant in Painting
1982-1983  Roswell Museum Artist-in-Residency, Roswell, NM, USA
1979  Massachusetts Artist Foundation Grant in Painting
1966  Forbes Fellowship
1965  Ford Foundation Grant


2017   "Easter Show", Galerie Thomassen, Göteborg, Sweden
2017   Roswell Museum of Art, Roswell, NM, USA 
2016   Group Show Galerie Thomassen, Göteborg, Sweden
2014   "Adventure" Borås Fria Kulturakademi, Borås, Sweden
2011   Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA, USA
2010  “Animated Art“ Trollhättan Konsthall, Trollhättan, Sweden
2008  “Inside the Box“ Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston, MA, USA
2007  “Gifts of Time“, Anderson Museum, Roswell, NM, USA
2003   Video Installation, Museum der Stadt Ratingen, Germany
2001  “Box Art Museum”, Museum der Stadt Ratingen, Germany
2001   Galerie Krister Fahl, Stockholm Art Fair
2001  ”Box Art“, Eksjö Museum, Eksjö, Sweden
1999   Ateliers Höherweg, Düsseldorf, Germany
1998   Street Box Art Show, Konsthallen Trollhättan, Sweden
1997  ”Box Art”, Kristiansands Kunstforening, Kristiansand, Norway
         UKS, Oslo, Norway, Rydals Museum. Kinna, Sweden
1996  “Box Art”, Gerlesborgsskolan, Tanum, Sweden
         Konsthallen Trollhättan, Sweden,
         Trondhjems Kunstforening, Norway
1995   Köln Art Fair, Galerie Pudelko, Bonn, Germany
1995  ”Vestfold-Bohuslän”, Galleri Gullman, Uddevalla, Sweden
         Gallery 141:an, Göteborg, Sweden,
         Tönsberg Museum, Tönsberg, Norway,
         Sandefjord Kunstforening, Norway
1995  “Le Mix”, Konsthallen Trollhättan
         Bohusgalleriet, Uddevalla, Sweden
1993  “Recent Works”, Gallery 409, Roswell, NM, USA
1991  “The Pousette Collection”, Tornwall Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
1990  “Une Touche Suisse”, Galerie Bonnier, Geneva, CH
1989   Basel Art Fair, Galerie Bonnier, Geneva, CH
1988  “20th Anniversary”, Louis Meisel Gallery, NYC, USA
1987  “A Sigh of Relief”, Wilson Arts Center, Rochester, NY, USA
1987  “Lower Manhattan Revisited: Soho, Noho, Tribeca”,
         Maier Museum of Art, Lynchburg, VA, USA
1983  “Five from Roswell”, The Eason Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA
1983  ”Personal Dimensions”, Boston University Art Gallery,
         Boston, MA, USA
1982  “Tenth Anniversary Show”, Louis Meisel Gallery, NYC, USA
1981  “New England Relief”, DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA. USA
1981   Louis Meisel Gallery, NYC, USA
1980  “Young Artist Show”, Provincetown Art Association,
         Provincetown, MA
1979  “Narrative Realism”, Newport Art Association, Newport, RI, USA
1979  “Art of the State”, Rose Art Museum, Waltham, MA, USA
1979  “Thirty Years of Box Construction” Sunne Savage Gallery, Boston
1978  “New Members Show”, BVAU Gallery, Boston, USA
1975   Upper Market Street Gallery, San Francisco, USA
1974   Emperors Gate Gallery, Sausalito, USA
1971   Galerie Rutzmoser, Munich, Germany
1970   Galerie Bijoux, Amsterdam, Holland
1969   Kaymar Gallery, New York, NY, USA


2016   "Jerry Williams" Galleri Vittbrus, Uddevalla, Sweden
2015   Galerie Argo, Stockholm, Sweden
2008   Galerie Thomassen, Göteborg, Sweden
2007  “Fear of Flying”, Konsthallen Trollhättan, Trollhättan, Sweden
2006   Genovese/Sullivan Gallery, Boston, MA, USA
2005   GalerieThomassen “X” rum, Göteborg, Sweden
2002  “The Real Jerry Williams Show“, Konsthallen Trollhättan, Sweden
2002   Galerie Krister Fahl, Stockholm, Sweden
1998   Genovese/Sullivan Gallery, Boston, MA, USA
1996   Galerie Pudelko, Bonn, Germany
1995   Genovese Gallery, Boston, MA, USA
1989   Galerie Bonnier, Geneva, CH
1986   The Stux Gallery, Boston, MA, USA
1984   Louis Meisel Gallery, NYC, USA
1983   Roswell Museum and Art Center, Roswell, NM, USA
1979   Boston Athenaeum Gallery, Boston, MA, USA


2013  Kinetic Box Art Sculpture "Dans" Margretegard Park, Uddevalla, Sweden
2015  Box Art Sculpture "Birth of Venus" Folkets Park, Uddevalla, Sweden


DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA, USA
Byer Museum of the Arts, Evanston, ILL, USA
Roswell Museum and Art Center, Roswell, NM, USA
Jean Tinguely Collection, Fribourg, CH
Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art, Roswell, NM, USA
Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Trollhättan Konsthall, Trollhättan, Sweden
Innovatum, Trollhättan, Sweden
Video Collection, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, USA
Uddevalla Kommun, Uddevalla, Sweden

Co-curator with Peter Hägser of “Animated Art” 2010 Trollhättan Konsthall, Trollhättan, Sweden

Animated film Twist shown at LAAF Los Angeles Animation Festival 2007

Co-curator with Stefan Bohnenberger for “The Grand Panorama in the Slaughterhouse”, Konst I Fyrstad 2001, Uddevalla Sweden.

Co-Founder and curator with Kjersti Remen of the Box Art Museum & Shop (B.A.M.S.) in Tanumshede, Sweden. 1998-2001

Co-Curator with Kjersti Remen of the traveling exhibition
“Box Art” 1996-97
Designer and author of the catalogue “Box Art” together with Kjersti Remen.